Entrance Mats

Northeast Flooring Solutions sells commercial doormats, commercial floor mats and entrance mats to complement our high-quality resin and resilient flooring.

Commercial floor mats are a useful tool to keep your new or existing floors looking great and well maintained. They provide a barrier between harsh outside weather conditions and interior spaces, often providing added traction with anti-slip, aggressive surface patterns. Exterior or interior scraper mats are the first line of defense against outdoor elements, scrubbing dirt, mud and debris from shoes and helping to wick away rainwater and moisture. Manufactured from sturdy rubber or vinyl loops, scraper mats remove large dirt particles to protect interior floors and pedestrians alike. Interior carpet matting further wipes dirt, dust and debris from foot traffic to provide a cleaner transition to interior hallways, offices and other working spaces. Rubber backing provides no-slip surface so foot traffic can wipe shoes without sliding. Companies can choose to brand doormats with their company logo for high visibility and recognition with optional printing or precision inlays to ensure your company is well represented. Northeast Flooring Solutions supplies and installs Mats Inc. brand of commercial door and floor mats. We work closely with our vendor to determine the best solution for your high traffic needs and offer custom sizes, colors and shapes including mats with your logo.  Ask about commercial floor mats, doormats and entrance mats while you’re working with our resilient flooring experts on your floor installation. They are outstanding tools to keep your floors in great shape.