Welcome to Northeast Flooring Solutions.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and keen eye for opportunity, Dan Livingston established Northeast Safe-T Solutions in February 1991.  As a specialty floor installation company focusing on non-slip and textured flooring system and floor mats, Northeast Safe-T Solutions addressed an underserved need for commercial slip-resistant flooring in the Northeast region. In 1993, we expanded our flooring line to include epoxy resin seamless flooring, a logical extension of our textured and non-slip surfaces.

In the mid 1990’s we recognized that the expanding breadth of our flooring options exceeded the narrow category of safety flooring, so changed our name to Northeast Flooring Solutions to reflect the broader flooring systems they offered. Even though we officially changed our name quite a while ago, some people surprisingly and affectionately still refer to us as Safety Floors. We’re happy to answer to either. Northeast Flooring Solutions has continued to grow and prosper, adding additional resin and resilient flooring lines to meet new building standards and changing style preferences.

We further expanded our flooring expertise in 2011, when we added polished and stained concrete treatment as a flooring alternative for our customers. Concrete polishing is a value-added skill that has diversified our flooring options, giving our customers access to the most recent flooring trends and types.

Today we are recognized specialty flooring distributor, installer and contractor, working with over 1000 client companies, general contractors and residents. We contribute to our state and regional economy, supporting a team of roughly 60+ full-time, part-time and contract workers and delighting customers with attractive, affordable, and top-quality flooring and installation for commercial, industrial or residential space.

Northeast Flooring Solutions simplifies flooring selection, preparation and installation by offering a full complement of flooring materials and contracting services under one roof, saving you time and money, while delivering attractive flooring to suit your style.