Moisture Mitigation

Northeast Flooring Solutions offers concrete moisture testing and mitigation as part of our concrete floor preparation and installation.

Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) is the movement of water vapor from “high to low” concentrations as it attempts to reach equilibrium within its overall environment. We recommend testing your concrete slab for moisture using industry standard ASTM F2170 (determining relative humidity). Moisture testing is a requirement by manufacturers to validate the product’s warranty and ensure it is installed within the moisture limits of the product. Moisture testing is completed before flooring installation using Rapid RH tests from Wagner Meters, measuring RH within the slab in as little as 24 hours.

Flooring problems due to moisture vapor transmission can cost the construction industry and facility owners billions of dollars each year. MVT problems attack impervious and permeable flooring materials including wood, vinyl, urethane, epoxy, and carpet. Often the result is disbondment, blistering, pinholes, chipping and pitting, adhesive reversion, and cracking and heaving. If left untreated it can introduce health concerns associated with Sick Building Syndrome – by aiding the growth of algae, bacteria, mildew, and mold, as well as inducing rot.

Excess moisture and water can wreak havoc on flooring products and ultimately lead to a failure. Moisture can come from high water tables, drainage deposits, residual water from run-off or irrigation, broken or leaky plumbing or lack of, or improper installation of a positive side moisture barrier.

When excessive moisture is detected, we treat flooring surfaces with a 100% mitigating primer such as AC•Tech 2170 by Allied Construction Technologies or Maxxon Commercial MVP Two.

These mitigation products we use are a two component, 100% solids vapor reduction epoxy that contains ZERO VOCs and are fast curing, making them ideal for fast-track construction. It is a true one-coat system that has been formulated to remain bonded to properly prepared concrete with high moisture levels and alkalinity loads. AC Tech ® 2170 FC ZERO and Maxxon Commercial MVP Two withstands moisture levels as high as 100% RH (ASTM F2170) and is insensitive to sustained alkalinity as high as pH 14.

Providing reliable moisture control is an important surface preparation factor and an essential part of new floor installations.  Moisture mitigation comes after any removalgrinding, and shot blasting that may be needed is complete, and before self-leveling if needed.  Contact us to schedule a concrete moisture test or apply a moisture barrier to protect the life of your flooring system.

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