Shot Blasting

Northeast Flooring Solutions offers shot blasting services as part of our concrete floor preparation for seamless floor installations.  

Shot blasting is the most important step in preparing the surface for a new seamless floor. This is especially true when the substrate is heavily damaged, deeply contaminated or has failing or inappropriate coatings for the intended usage. Shot blasting removes old floor coatings and the contaminants within the top surface layer. It increases the concrete surface profile (CSP) area up to three times the original surface area, paving the way for the new flooring installation to have improved application and stronger adhesion bond.  A CSP of 3-5 is required under most resinous systems for best results. 

We maintain a fleet of shot blasting machines and a trained team of experienced flooring professionals who are skilled in determining the correct size steel shot blast media to use to achieve the desired exposed surface area. Our shot blasting machines are fully self-contained. Steel shot is discharged onto the concrete flooring surface to break free the surface particles and is returned to the machines where it is separated from the surface particles. The steel shot is reused and the surface debris is collected for disposal.

Surface preparation of existing concrete floors is a necessary part of new seamless floor installation, and may be combined with removal, grinding, moisture mitigation, or self-leveling to appropriately prepare your subfloor for installation.  Shot blasting is included as part of our resinous flooring installations or can be contracted independently.  Contact us for details.

Concrete Surface Profile Examples: